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Summer Solstice & Slowdown

The Summer Solstice occurred this past week, so we are officially in the summer season. For many businesses, summer is a slower season, and some industries experience natural seasonal fluctuations. In addition, school is out, the weather is nice, and barbeques, pool parties, and vacations are ways to reconnect with friends and family. All of these activities slow down the pace of business. We can view the summer or any slowdown as a problem and challenge for our business or flip the problem on its head and use it as a valuable opportunity.

The slower pace is an auspicious opportunity for us to reflect on the first half and implement refinements to ensure an even stronger second half. The summer slowdown offers us time to do what we’ve put on the back burner while running frenetically. Some companies, such as Amazon, set aside time during the slower summer months for long-term strategic planning. Many of the most impressive leaders create memories with their families and also utilize pool time to read and improve themselves. Using the summer months effectively transforms you, your team, and your business.

However, summer is just two short months and flies by quickly. Don’t let the summer happen to you. Be deliberate and proactive. Determine what you want to accomplish this and every summer. The days will now get shorter and shorter until the Winter Solstice. Use the daylight wisely and let’s go!